Melbourne International Students Badminton

Aug - Dec 2021
Jan - June 2022
Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre
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The Program

$10 per session, 2hr sessions

Melbourne IS (International Students) Badminton offers a 2hour weekly activity for student participants.

Each weekly activity comprises of:
(a) 1-hour "coach" program to teach the basic badminton skills
(b) 1-hour "play" program for social and competitive games


Activities are delivered in a fun and engaging format to encourage participation,
active-learning and development of leadership skills. Accredited (trained) coaches will
deliver the "coach" program. Students will be involved in organising social and
competitive games among participants.

International Students

Fun, Friendly, Relaxed

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS BADMINTON invites you to connect with your fellow international students by joining our weekly badminton activities ...

We have "social-play" for those looking for friendly and relaxed social badminton. There is also "coach n play" for those who need some pointers or want to learn the basics of the game.

MELBOURNE IS BADMINTON is for you ... The aim is to have fun, connect with fellow international students and make some new friends on and off the badminton court. We encourage you to come along, enjoy the experience, staying active and healthy while making new friends along the way ... Your fellow students will welcome you, guide you and help you stay connected during your time in Melbourne. We welcome your input in making MELBOURNE IS BADMINTON a great experience for everyone !

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